COUTURevolution Wrap-Up

Courtney Lindstrand is a sophomore from Greenville, NC. She can be reached at

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the Forest Theatre, a crowd of people showed up to see a show full of eco-friendly fashion. Sunshine and fun, up-beat music filled the space as the models strutted down the runway in student-produced designs. About four student designers and one UNC -Chapel Hill alumnus produced looks for the show, along with representatives from two sustainable clothing stores in Chapel Hill, Twig and Clothing Warehouse. After the show was over, show goers and models enjoyed food and refreshments donated by Med Deli. An afternoon of fashion and food on a perfect Sunday- could you ask for more?

Behind-The-Scenes Crew

As a part of the exterior design team, I worked alongside my amazing team members to set up the stage on the morning of the show. There was a lot of climbing, raking and hauling of supplies. Needless to say, by show time we were a little disheveled and far from the runway-ready look the models wore. My team members and I were tired but satisfied. We all sat back and watched the show as the models strutted down the runways we laid down in front of our homemade backdrop. The Forest Theatre is beautiful on its own, but my team really tried to make it special for the show.

The models spent the morning in hair and makeup. The scene backstage was a little chaotic, but also exciting as the last pins were put in place and the finishing touches were put on the makeup and clothes. Backstage coordinators shouted instructions to the models for walking the runway. With a three-pronged runway, the threat of a model pile up was imminent.

Photo by: Courtney Lindstrand

The Message Behind the Show

The grand message behind the show and the whole reason it was put together was to spread the message about sustainability. Eco-friendly messages are everywhere, but they are rarely seen in fashion. One of the designers mentioned to me after the show that she designed her clothes to be universally flattering and attractive to a majority of people so that they would buy them solely based on the way they look (as most people do). Therefore, they would enjoy wearing the clothes and at the same time be spreading the message and popularity of sustainability in fashion among their friends. Finding eco-friendly, fair-trade clothes is easier than you think and, as the show proved, sustainable clothes are very fashionable and flattering to all shapes and sizes. Take the extra effort to look for a sustainable addition to your wardrobe and I assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

Also, check out COUTURevolution’s photographer Chris Florio and his photos of the show!