Is Alien-Chic the New Trend in Pop Music?

Yes, I know you are looking at the title of this blog post and wondering, “ Is she serious?” In all honesty, I really am. I love Pop music…it’s a great representation of the person I am, very positive and bubbly. I listen to pop music on a regular basis: when I’m walking to class, working out or just doing homework. Whenever a new pop song comes out I impatiently wait for the video that accompanies it. Music has a really important effect on my life and I love that it has the ability to change the way we think, our ideas and our moods all at the same time. When Katy Perry’s new single, E.T., came out I really loved the song and thought it was a clever way of describing this guy, whom she obviously has a lot of love for in the form of an alien, an extraterrestrial. I have heard a lot of alien references in pop music from some time now and I realized that many artists in pop culture are now following a new style, a new craze in the music world: “alien-chic.” I came to this conclusion when I was watching some of my favorite music videos, which I would love to share with you.

Katy Perry ft. Kanye West – E.T.


Katy Perry really expresses the love she has in her heart in this video.  With the combination of the robotic alien and the deer hooves, it is a very unique love story. Kanye West is a bit out of place in this video, as he only appears in orbit; however, his presence in the song is very much needed in order to represent the male point of view. Perry herself is beautiful in this video, with out-of-the world braids and a high ponytail, which are two beauty trends of the moment right now.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way


Lady Gaga will always be known as being a little off; however, her message in this alien-flavored video is very straight to the point. Gaga expresses her need for human and gender equality with a seven-minute narrative of two alien mothers creating two planets (good/Earth and evil) and how they affect the world today in how we as people think. The makeup is definitely alien-inspired with the structured dents  and curves in Gaga’s face that only add to her beauty.

Oh Land – Son of A Gun


Oh Land really expresses the alien trend by showing how fun our own planet can be. Oh Land is rocking it out in her own world, which seems to alternate to night and day within minutes of each other. Oh Land Is a new artist, so please support her!

So what do you think? Is there any truth to this idea? Let’s hear your thoughts? Hopefully this will be a trend that is on its way out instead of in.