How To Dress Fashionably and Make It To Your 8 A.M. Class On Time

It’s 7:45 a.m. on a Monday morning. You overslept your alarm and just woke up to find yourself passed out on top of a mess of Chem notes, English books and History readings. You have 15 minutes to get dressed, run across campus to class and try to avoid your professor’s death glares. However, just because you’re pressed for time doesn’t mean that you have to show up to class in your PJs. Follow these quick and easy tips to create any fashionable and classroom-ready outfit within minutes.

1. Grab a cute cardigan. Cardigans are a quick fix for dressing up any basic outfit. Simply grab a pair of jeans and a tank top and throw on this casual option from Urban Outfitters. Cardigans are a must-have for any wardrobe. Also, try pairing a basic color with a patterned dress, as seen below, or be adventurous and purchase a cardigan covered with sequins or decorated with lace.

Pins and Needles V-Neck Dress Cardigan

2. Mix and match casual and dressy items. It’s nice to just roll out of bed, grab some athletic shorts and an old t-shirt and head to class. After all, dressing for the runway isn’t always a priority when you still need to brush your teeth and grab your backpack. However, if you want to try dressing up without too much fuss, try pairing a nice item with something casual. For example, these semi-dressy shorts from Anthropologie find perfect balance with this casual graphic tee from ModCloth.

Ship Shape Shorts

Orientation Week Tee

3. Pair a patterned bottom with a simple top. With the warm Carolina weather finally hitting campus, it’s the perfect time to try matching a patterned pair of shorts or skirt with a simple top. The outfit doesn’t take too much coordination and is easy to put together in no time. Florals are always a classic choice. Pair this skirt from J.Crew with a white tank top or v-neck and sandals.

Petal Midi Skirt in Floral

4. Add an eye-catching piece of jewelry. Spice up any simple jeans and a t-shirt combo that you grabbed from your dorm room floor with a fun necklace. It’ll be easy to pick up on your way out the door and sling around your neck as you power walk across campus. Free People offers a range of styles, including dressier metallic options and casual beaded ones.

Pandita Layering Necklace