Der Mauerpark

Der Mauerpark is technically the mashing of two German words: Mauer, meaning wall, and Park, which has the same meaning as it does in English, which would make it “wall park.” I’m not really sure why this park is called Mauerpark, but it was a former part of the Berlin Wall and its Death Strip.

Nowadays it’s just a nice big strip of green grass in the middle of one of Berlin’s up-and-coming districts, Prenzlauer Berg. Every Sunday it is transformed into a giant gathering place, complete with basketball, food, karaoke and a flea market. While it’s by no means a secret, Berliner-only hang out that tourists don’t know about (because they do), it’s still worth checking out.

In that vein, some friends of mine from work and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather today and venture out to see what it’s all about, of course with my camera in tow. We arrived at 12:45 p.m. and proceeded to do what any upstanding young person in Germany would do if they were about to hang out: crack open a beer.

We eventually wandered out to the park. It wasn’t too full yet:

We wandered around the flea market for a little bit to see how many hipsters and GDR furniture we could find in one place. The answer? A lot.

I think I scared these people by taking a picture of them. Egal. Despite my quest for the perfectly ironic T-shirt, the men in my group decided that they were hungry and we needed to eat. We bought Gözleme first (which I’ve blogged about before!) before we decided to get some more food and eat on the grass.

Someone’s being shy!

After we chilled out on the grass for a while, we decided to check out one of the real highlights from Mauerpark: karaoke. I don’t really know how they get it together, but every Sunday someone rolls out some speakers and people get up and perform karaoke songs. Are they good? No, not really. Is it awesome to say that you performed in front of 500 people or more in Berlin? New life goal found…

An idea of the size of the audience:

In any case, it was a lovely, lovely day. If you ever get a chance to come to the Mauerpark, it really is fun and relaxing and fun to watch the people there. Hope everyone had a sunny day!  :)