Polk Place Is Now Your Own Personal Runway

Recently, there has been a display of gorgeous springtime weather combined with the blooming of trees and flowers all around campus. This has inevitably resulted in the debut of everyone’s spring wardrobes on campus. I appreciate the simple pleasures in life, such as having the warm sun on my bare arms and legs while lounging on the quad, and it appears as if many others on campus agree with me.  I have personally seen some great displays of spring fashion strutting around campus, and nothing makes me happier than a beautiful day on campus except for a beautiful day on campus surrounded by beautiful Carolina students.

I think the easiest and most liberating spring staple a girl can throw on is a pretty, lightweight spring sundress. With sundresses, the possibilities are truly endless. You can choose from a solid, bright color or a cute, floral pattern. You can choose a structured cotton number with a defined waistline or a looser, lightweight style. With all the different shapes and styles of sundresses, it is almost impossible to go wrong. Notice that I said ALMOST impossible.  An important point to remember with sundresses is to ensure enough coverage. For example, if you choose a shorter, above-the-knee length dress, balance it out with a higher neckline.



Alternative options for those who desire to bare their legs in the spring sunshine include paper bag waist shorts. They are fresh and new when compared to their daisy duke denim counterparts. These shorts have gathering at the waist and are often high-waisted. They often come in lightweight linen fabrics that are favorable as the temperatures rise. The great thing about these shorts is that they are so easy to wear. I love wearing my new pair with a lightweight cotton tank top tucked into the top and some simple ballet flats. Although it seems like an impossible concept, fashion and comfort can indeed come together with the help of lightweight fabrics and interesting shapes.


Urban Outfitters

Men’s spring fashion can be just as simple as women’s options. There is nothing more appealing than seeing a man look put-together on a beautiful spring day with a nice pair of khaki shorts paired with a light-colored, button up shirt. I even enjoy seeing a guy in more casual options such as a lightweight cotton V-neck t-shirt with a pair of sunglasses.



Spring fashion doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. These spring outfits can be put together easily, allowing you to head off to class looking effortlessly fashionable. The most important thing to remember when trying out these new trends is to have confidence. People who rock a smile and a great attitude and pair those with a fantastic outfit always look the best, no matter what their size or shape. So go ahead and hit the mall and treat yourself to a new addition to your spring wardrobe and show it off in Polk Place!