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Another step forward

I recently attended a friend’s official ring ceremony, where perhaps 100 or so students received their Carolina class rings. Most of those names called out were juniors and seniors, fittingly as one can only purchase the rings after having completed … Continue reading

A Taste of Foreign Movies

Diversify your popcorn sessions How good are you at reading subtitles? If you want to enrich your life experiences without spending a ton traveling, you’d better brush up your skills.  Watching foreign movies can teach you many things. Of course, … Continue reading

Rotating Repertory Right On Campus

Coming from one of the top 10 cities for theater, I thrive on seeing different live performances and productions throughout the year. UNC has not let me down. With different performances and shows happening every weekend, I never find myself … Continue reading

Fashion Comebacks

We all have a few regrets sitting in the back of our closets. You know, that one trend that was all the rage in middle school or that time you thought bootcut jeans and Billabong sweatshirts were the epitome of … Continue reading

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