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Walking Around Town

Spontaneous adventures Soon, we will have to bid good weather days goodbye. But before you give that tearful farewell, you should go on an adventure — walking tours around Chapel Hill and Carrboro. As a student without a car, walking … Continue reading

The Spaces We Occupy

We have all heard about protest movements before — even seen them with our own eyes. From Occupy Wall Street to the Ferguson protests that have been all over the papers these past two months, to what we have studied … Continue reading

A cooler is a cool gift

Ever feel at a loss of ideas for presents to give to close friends and family without spending a ton of money? Usually the most meaningful presents are the ones you make yourself anyway. A good idea is to paint … Continue reading

White jeans: A nightmare until now

Picture this: you’ve waited in line at Starbucks for 20 minutes and finally get your hands on that iced coffee you’ve been dying to taste on a 70-degree day. You casually sip your straw at a nice patio table outside, … Continue reading

Looking for life’s big questions

A lighthearted take on some serious matters You know those moments when you get a sudden yearning for some soul-searching activity? When you feel like being reflective and deep but somehow, can’t generate any meaningful questions to ask yourself? Or, … Continue reading

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