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Learning language the fun way

No more textbooks, quizzes and online homework Studies have shown that being bilingual makes you smarter. Now, we all know that we secretly want to be smart and wise through our elderly years. Maybe you’ll start trying to recall how … Continue reading

Two decades in the making

This weekend was a momentous one. Not only was it fall break for UNC (all the college students rejoiced), but it was also my 20th birthday. Although some might point out that nothing changes as far as legality goes, I think … Continue reading

A bite of the Big Apple

It was a hectic last-minute rush as I speed-walked from the car to the rows of buses at Durham Station, waving goodbye along with three friends as we followed a staff member through the door. Luckily — or not — … Continue reading

Dating at Carolina: My Experience

Going from high school to college, the number of men more than quadruples. It’s possible that your perfect match is scrabbled within the student body, but you may never speak to him or her because UNC is so large. There are … Continue reading

Shark Bite

By: Cassandra Ling That Christmas morning was the last time I remember my family being together. There was no snow on the ground, just the sound of the northern California waves permeating the living room silence. The tree was big … Continue reading

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